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AEG Vision
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Elevate Patient Outcomes by Maximizing Your Practice’s Value

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AEG Vision is a rapidly growing network of eyecare professionals providing full-scope optometry.

We provide solutions whether you’re looking to continue to serve patients or exit your practice without the complexities of practice management.

The AEG Vision
Principles of Partnership

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Partnership-based Ownership

Considering a partner? With AEG Vision, you can finally get back to what matters.

We offer a partnership-based ownership transition process that allows you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

AEG Vision removes the hassles and frustrations of day-to-day operations and administration that keep you from doing what you love most—being a great doctor. Our experienced team provides support, guidance, and resources at all levels.

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Stress-Free Transition

Our dedicated team works hard to make sure you get the value you deserve.

AEG Vision’s process is designed to be stress-free before, during and after the transition. We are transparent, honest, and your confidence is our top priority. Becoming a partner can provide even greater long-term rewards!

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As part of the AEG Vision family, your practice will receive the tools to provide both better patient outcomes and growth like never before.

Our dedicated team works hard to make sure you get the value you deserve.

Our standard is to practice full-scope optometry supported by the AEG Vision platform at all practices. To meet our own standards, we invest in the highest-quality equipment, instruments and products from trusted vendors. As a member of the AEG Vision family, you’ll have access to world-class technology platforms that give you 24/7 visibility to assess patient outcomes / satisfaction and practice performance.

More reasons to partner with AEG Vision:

AEG Vision allows you to focus on providing outstanding patient care, while relieving yourself of all other obligations. Rest easy because your legacy is in good hands. AEG Vision provides best-in-class support in marketing, operations, patient care staffing, and merchandising.

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Your voice is always heard through the AEG Optometric Advisory Council (OAC). This group of internal and external doctors define our standard of care and act as the voice of the doctors within our organization.

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Our comprehensive, targeted marketing programs increase eye exams, drive patient engagement and build loyalty. Each location benefits by sharing AEG Vision’s cutting-edge technology and best practices.

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Get instant reporting on key performance indicators through our proprietary system: AEG Universal. Monitor, analyze and react to your practice’s performance in real time.

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Create a positive work culture and achieve the highest levels of staff engagement using AEG Vision’s internal social media network.

Provide a pathway for upward mobility for members of your patient care team in a growing organization. AEG Vision provides best-in-class training and support to your patient care team.

“Our entire staff is dedicated to education and constantly learning so that we can provide the highest quality care,” said Dr. John Eigenbrodt. “And it was clear that AEG Vision shared our principles. During the transition process, AEG listened and learned why Eigenbrodt Vision Center has been successful. I am confident they will continue our legacy and elevate our capabilities in the future.”

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John Eigenbrodt, O.D.

Would You Like To Chat With Our VPs?

Bret and Tom at AEG are ready to discuss your legacy. We offer a partnership-based ownership transition process that allows you to focus on providing exceptional patient care.

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Bret Davis

Executive Vice President
Corporate Development

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Dr. Tom Arnold

Regional Vice President
Corporate Development