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AEG Vision

Impressing Our Partners Is Essential for Future Success

AEG Vision is a caring community of local providers, helping our neighbors take care of their vision, one patient at a time.

doctor barry eiden
“Change is hard in any situation at best. It is much more difficult as one transitions towards an exit strategy and the goal of eventual retirement. After much research and discussion, we decided AEG was the right group for us to join. From the very beginning they were easy to talk to, they negotiated fair and they were very understanding of my situation. Passing on the day-to-day operations of the office has taken a big weight off my shoulder. Now, when working at the office I just have to be worried about providing the best care for our patients. Of course, I also had to consider what happens to my associate doctors and my staff. If I felt in any way, they would be hurt by my decision to sell to AEG, I would not have gone through with the sale. They have kept my associate and employees happy and there are more opportunities for them to grow and advance in the field. I consider joining AEG a good decision for me, my family and my employees.”

Amir Farshid web 2

Farshid Amir, O.D.

“I was looking for a pathway toward retirement at some point in time. I didn’t feel like I could get what I felt the practice was worth to me. The practice has grown over the years despite surviving two hurricanes, a flood, three moves, and the pandemic. With the growth of the practice, the stress of keeping up with the financial pressures and an unsure political and economic future, I felt the timing was right to get some help.”

Pope William web

William Pope, O.D.

“The goals for the future of our practice are clearly shared by AEG Vision, our doctors and our staff. We have a multi-specialty eye care practice that is dedicated to advanced technologies and the most current evidence-based eye care available. Through our partnership with AEG Vision, NSVC will continue to grow and share our knowledge with other practices in the AEG Vision family. Our bright future simply would not have been possible staying as a lone independent eye care practice.”
“A commitment to maintaining our unique atmosphere and culture was an absolute must in selecting a future partner. AEG Vision put forth a plan which made it clear that they would do so. We look forward to a bright future with AEG Vision’s support.”

EOTW ODs 1 1

Channing Baird, O.D.

“The transition team at AEG Vision has been extremely efficient and professional. The entire process has been very fluid and communications have been excellent. I could not have asked for a better group to be associated with. The future looks bright with AEG Vision.”

Arnold CD 1 1

Tom Arnold, O.D., F.S.L.S.

“In a practice transition partner I looked for an organization poised for strong growth and also one with a strong leadership team. What attracted me to AEG Vision was their OD- and owner-friendly process which facilitated a seamless transition. AEG also demonstrated excellence in the areas I wanted to improve in my practice, especially with their use of technology to create efficiencies.”

Dr. Jalali 1

Sahba Jalali, O.D.

“Because of AEG Vision’s open communication and guidance throughout the process, we are confident that AEG shares our commitment to delivering comprehensive eye care and will provide the resources to enhance EyeCare Consultant’s ability to serve the community.”

Dr. John Schachet 1

John L. Schachet, O.D.

“We are a highly medical practice and Harper’s Point selected AEG Vision because, as both a company and as individuals, we found them to be a very reasonable organization focused on reasonable solutions. AEG worked with a sense of pragmatism and provided Harper’s Point a clear avenue to maintain our style of practice.”

kirstein 1 1030×1030

Elliot M. Kirstein, O.D., F.A.A.O.

AEG Vision was professional, efficient and respectful throughout the review and transaction process. Because of AEG’s open communication and transparency, we were confident AEG shares our commitment to medical eye care and will provide the tools to enhance patient care in each community that Insight Vision Center serves

Dr Neal T

Neal Troyer, O.D.

“In AEG Vision, we have found a partner whose leadership team has had a track record of success, a company who has been able to maintain stability during growth periods and most importantly someone who shares the same vision of medical optometry that we had built our practice on for the last several decades.”

Zelczak 1030×1030 1

Todd A. Zelczak, O.D., F.A.A.O.

“Making a decision to partner your company with another business is no small endeavor. I had the fortune to interview five company’s to partner. Three of which I did a final negotiation until time to sign the final deal. AEG was the only Company who walked their talk through the end. AEG’s philosophy of people first, assuring me they make the best effort to make very little change on how we treat our team and patients, providing much needed help in the back office and the list goes on. This has all been accomplished in less than four months. You cannot imagine the many turning cogs during the transition process. The AEG team continuously works with communicating and processing to keep the energy moving forward. Finally, the stress level of being CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, HR is gone and I can enjoy patients family and life.”

Kane Brian web 2

Brian Kane, O.D.

“I partnered with AEG Vision so that I could focus more on being a doctor instead of stressing over business decisions. A few of my classmates had worked with AEG in the past and have been happy with the partnership. Every AEG team member that I have encountered so far has been amazing and super supportive!”

Gisbert Amie web

Amie Gisbert, O.D.

“Every detail was accounted for during the acquisition process. We were able to provide a good buyout structure for the owners that were retiring and come up with terms that worked for the owners staying on with AEG Vision. AEG Vision was very interested in analyzing what was working well with our practice and discussing enhancements they would bring to the business to make it more successful. We had many open discussions about things that were important to us, as owners, and incorporating that into the terms of the purchase agreement.”

Brian Brightman

Brian Brightman, O.D.