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AEG Vision
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AEG Vision partners with Prevent Blindness in Texas and Ohio to provide free eye exams and eyeglasses to those adults and children who otherwise could not afford them.

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About The AEG Vision + Prevent Blindness Program

Prevent Blindness is committed to eliminating preventable blindness in the United States. AEG Vision, in partnership with Prevent Blindness, offers this program to help individuals in need in Texas and Ohio.

This program provides access to eye examinations and eyeglasses to children and adults who are without the financial means, insurance coverage or social supports needed to obtain these services on their own.

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AEG Vision + Prevent Blindness Program Benefits

Individuals who quality for the AEG Vision + Prevent Blindness Program will receive the following, at participating practices:

  • Comprehensive eye exam, with dilation if recommended by doctor
  • Retinal camera screening
  • Prescription eyeglasses, including:
    • Complimentary frame up to $69,
    • Polycarbonate prescription lenses:
      • Single vision
      • Lined bifocal
      • Basic progressive
      • Medically necessary tint and prism, as prescribed

Eligibility & Participation Process

Prevent Blindness screens each candidate, both adult and children, for eligibility. Approved candidates then choose a participating practice near them to receive services.

1. Candidate Referral

Local charities and philanthropic organizations receive candidate applications and nominations.

Candidate information is sent to Prevent Blindness.

2. Candidates Approved

Prevent Blindness determines if candidates meet eligibility requirements.

Prevent Blindness sends approved participants instructions & voucher.

3. Eye Exam & Eyeglasses

Approved candidates can schedule their exam at any participating practice (see link below).

Participants must bring their voucher to their appointment.

Participating Practices

Most practices within the AEG Vision “family” maintain the brand name and logo that patients have come to know and love. They do not go by the name, “AEG Vision.” Click on one of the links below to find a participating practice near you.



For program eligibility questions,
call Prevent Blindness, Ohio Affiliate at




For program eligibility questions,
call Prevent Blindness Texas at


Once you have completed the necessary paperwork and have qualified for the program, approved candidates may call the preferred participating practice.

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About Prevent Blindness

Founded in 1908, Prevent Blindness is the leading eye health and safety organization in the United States dedicated to preventing blindness and preserving sight across all age spectrums and eye conditions. Prevent Blindness focuses on improving the nation’s vision and eye health by educating the public on the importance of taking care of their eyes and vision, by empowering those with vision loss or eye disease, promoting advances in public health systems of care that support eye health needs, and by advocating for public policy that emphasizes early detection and access to eye care.

Round Up to Prevent Blindness

Patients can round up their purchase to the nearest dollar and AEG Vision will donate the change to help fund the sight-saving programs at Prevent Blindness.

The program provides a unique opportunity to help “Give the Gift of Sight” by donating at checkout and helping those in need in their own communities. This opportunity to donate is available at select practices across the country.

Look for the counter card at an AEG Vision practice near you.

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